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Sunday, 19 April 2020

19 April 2020 SAW Poetry Wall

Congratulations to Joan Frondigoun on her winning entry for the Poetry Wall competition of the Scottish Association of Writers Annual (on-line) 2020 Conference.

Poetry Wall Trophy  

Joan’s winning poem  was
 'Remembrance Day'

For Gavin - 03/07/1964 – 19/03/2010

        I remember you
        Not because of any designated day

        But because I cannot stop the memories of you

        And every day and night since you received the mortal blow

        Has been ‘Remembrance’ day and night for me

        I remember you

        Not because of any military conflict

        But because every day you fought a war

        For what you thought was right for you and yours

        I saw the weary battle in your eyes and in your walk

        I heard it in your voice

        Your battlefield was life and all that’s in it

        Your weapons grit and guts and love and wit

        And work and work and work.

                                     Joan Frondigoun

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Short Story Competition - April 2020

Congratulations on the winners of the Short Story Competition

First place:        The Visitor             by  Joan Frondigoun.

Second place:    His Island Home   by Elizabeth Gillespie.

Third place:        Big Sister              by Kate Gordon.

Commended:           Peace at Last             by Wilma Ferguson.

Many thanks to Chris Longmuir for all the hard work carried out in the adjudication.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

8 Apr 2020 When Shadows Fall - Alex Gray

               In March Alex Gray's 17th Lorimer Novel was published.
               Unfortunately the live launch was prevent due to the Corvid virus.

"Alex Gray returns with another installment of her highly acclaimed DSI William Lorimer series. The murders of three ex-policemen set dark clouds over the Glasgow police force, and Lorimer faces his hardest task yet: solving the murder of an old friend and colleague and investigating the bloody vendetta against their own.

Authentic and compelling, When Shadows Fall is Gray at her finest.
DSI Lorimer is back with a brand new case. And the stakes have never been so high...
When his old friend and former colleague is shot dead at his home, Detective Superintendent William Lorimer is devastated. And his problems are only just beginning. It's not long before two further deaths are reported: both victims ex-policemen.

It's clear this is a targeted campaign against their own, yet with no other link between the victims to identify the killer, Lorimer's police team are starting to panic. Who will be next?
Lorimer knows he must keep his cool if he is to solve the case. But with time running out before the next attack, he's struggling to ignore the sickening question at the back of his mind:
Will he get to the killer, before the killer gets to him?"

Monday, 6 April 2020

6 April 2020. Hitler and the Corvid

                    Jack has generously allowed us to post this story
                              on the Erskine Writer's Blog.

You know the story of the competition between the Sun and the Wind to get a man`s coat off?
You may not have heard a similar tale about the competition between Hitler and the Corvid to see who could break the human spirit.

Hitler tried first. He sent in the bombers – Dorniers and Junkers and Messerschmitts – and bombed civilians, in London, Coventry, Clydebank. The nation rallied against the blitz. Londoners huddled together in tube stations. The rest of the country crouched in their Anderson shelters; crouched together for warmth; touched each other for companionship; told old stories. And they knew they were hitting back when they heard the bark of nearby ante aircraft guns and remembered the armada of barrage balloons protecting their cities. Then, when the all clear sounded, they hugged.

“Now it`s my turn,” whispered the Corvid. She smiled, a smile that no-one could see and wriggled where no-one could imagine. It was the beginning of Spring. And the grandsons of those who had crouched in defiance, coughed and spluttered and cringed in fear.  There was no barking gun in reply – no vaccine, no way to strike back. The only act of defiance was to wash their hands. And no crouching together. They cringed in self isolation; two metres was too close. They stayed indoors. And when they died, they died alone.

As the Sun might have said to the Wind, “Softly, softly.” 

                                                                                            Jack Hastie

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

31 March 2020 A writer's approach to the current situation

Kate has generously allowed us to post this poem 
        on the Erskine Writer's Blog.

                       Coping with Covid

I’m sitting in my living room in splendid isolation,

The state the country’s in is just beyond imagination,

There’s an expert on the T.V. under fierce interrogation,

I don’t know if my brain can cope with much more information.


There’s clapping in the streets as people show appreciation

Of others who are working on with selfless dedication,

Saving lives while risking theirs is truly a vocation.

They deserve the pride and gratitude of all the nation

And for all the volunteers, we’re full of admiration,

Helping sick and older members of the population,

Bringing medicine and food to keep them from starvation,

Sheltering the homeless from the worst of their privation.

To all my fellow writers, here’s a bit of consolation,

You’ve got an opportunity to work on your creation,

And when the crisis is no more, just think of the elation

Of finding that your book’s become an overnight sensation.

                                                                                      Kate Gordon
 April 2020

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Scottish Writers Association Conference – Competitions Results.

Congratulations to all of the members who submitted entries for the Competitions as part of the Scottish Writers Association Annual Conference  and particularly the ones shown below:-

1st place                         Joan Frondigoun   “Young Offenders”
Highly commended          Joan Frondigoun   “The Mistress”

MARGARET McCONNELL TROPHY ---  Women’s Short Story Competition
Commended                   Kate Gordon         “The Beekeeper’s Wife”

ALISTAIR WALKER TROPHY  ----  General Article Competition
Commended                   Kate Gordon          ”Gift – It’s Make Your Mind-up Time”.

Commended                   Wilma Ferguson      “Eradicator”

LARGS SHIELD   ----   Short Sketch Competitions.
Commended                    Wilma Ferguson     “December Dichotomy”

Third                              John Spence        “Larry the Defiant Little Lamb”