Thursday, 25 April 2019

Monologue - 'You missed yourself' 23 April 2019.

“You missed yourself”   (loosely meaning 'you should have been there - you missed it.")

Joyce’s monologue was in the form of a letter to her sister saying how much she had enjoyed a 60’s music concert which included stars, groups and songs from a bygone era. Dave Bery, Peter Noon, Vanity Fair and Hermit’s Hermits’ “I’m Henry Eighth I am.”

Pete spoke to a nature loving friend about the TV programme ‘Blue Planet II” which showed wild life on Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef. He then tried to making him envious by describing his own visit to the same idyllic island.

Kate used Glasgow patois to describe her excitement about a forthcoming ‘do’. i.e. A party night out. Even natives of Auld Reekie might have struggled to understand the language.

Elizabeth explained her initial frustration over the new vocabulary and etiquette when she first took up bowling. Her mood turned to delight as one of lucky shots helped win the game for her team.

John H described how, as a youth, he planned and schemed to attend a Pink Floyd concert with some pals. His persistence on the night paid off. Some of his pals weren’t so lucky.

Sandra’s gave a fresh slant on Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection as described told by an observer using modern informal Scottish dialect.

Hilary’s was the envy of her fellow passengers when the bus broke down. She was able continue enjoying her Walkman player, whilst lack of a satellite signal for their mobile phones was driving others to distraction.

- - - - - - - -

John S looked for comment as he read a chapter from his work-in-progress novel. A father agonised over how to tell his three year old daughter that her mother had died.

Similarly, Elizabeth had a revised version of her SAW entry ‘The perfect dancing partner’
She had attempted to incorporate the changes suggested in the feedback from the SAW adjudicator.

- - - - - - -

Next week  30 April 2019  -  Approval of the draft 2019/20 Erskine Writers Syllabus

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