Sunday, 26 May 2019

Garden Party and Prize-giving 21May 2019.


Children’s Competition      Albert Hammond Award

First place                 “The Ghost Bear.”                       Elizabeth Gillespie

Second place            “What Shall I Be?”                      Wilma Ferguson

Third place               “The Lost Egg.”                           Sandra McGruther

Highly commended  “Little Green Man.”                     Elspeth Munro

Poetry Competition       Betty Munnoch Award

First place                     Lilac                                         Kate Gordon

Second place                The Smell of Stone                   Pete Marrison

Third place                    Hospital                                   John Hughes

Highly commended 1     A Whiff of Envy                    Kate Gordon

Highly commended 2     Survivor                                Sandra McGruther

Highly commended 3     The Smell of Christmas        Elspeth Munro

Women’s Short Story     QUAICH

First place                         The Correct thought   Kate Gordon

Second place                     Love Taxi                              Hilary Stevenson

Third place                       The Perfect Partner                 Elizabeth Gillespie

H/commended                  A Good Turn                          Wilma Ferguson

Article                   Erskine Bridge Hotel Cup

First               “Don’t Shed a Tear for the War Babies”  Pete Marrison.

Second           “Loving Care”                                           Joan Frondigoun

Third              “The Killers in the Garden”                       Kate Gordon.

Commended   “Flu Past the Post”                                    Hilary Stevenson.

Presidents Cup                                     Kate Gordon.

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