Tuesday, 10 October 2017

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Partners in Crime and Open Manuscripts.

Hilary circulated a list looking for bookings for the Annual Dinner in two weeks time. (3pm start)

Note - Additional entry for 14 November 2017 on the Syllabus card. Article Workshop. See Website.

The "Member's News" page of the Website/Blog, will in future show all the items added by members to the weekly "Yellow Peril" list.

We now have two “Joan Fs”. Joan Fleming and Joan Frondigoun. Be careful with initials!

The subject was again discussed, but unresolved of communications from SAW going astray.

Today’s topics of “Partners in Crime” and the Open Manuscript readings provided material from Elizabeth, Kate, Wilma, Hilary and Pete each of which included one or more animals; particularly dogs, but also a cat, two bears and a fairy (are fairies animals?)

Bob read an extract from his latest Serina book. Joan (Fr) told us of ubiquitous monster Daddies. Kathleen read of the much loved haunted house of her childhood. Morag’s Hatton Garden mob watched soccer for free. Jack broke into verse with the preamble to a poem and prose of his recent Portugal visit. He also reminded us that is the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of Madeline McCann.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Kate Gordon - Poetry - "Scenes Like These" and "Wee Dug"

Kate Gordon has published a collection of poems, "Scenes Like These."

Also, her poem, "Wee Dug", is included in Pet Memories, an anthology from South West Writers.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Bob Hambleton’s “Sarina’s Smith”

Bob's “Sarina’s Smith” is now available in both paperback and as an eBook

The ‘Sarina’ saga continues with a story of young love amid a community ravaged by terrifying oppression.
Jaxaal Norland’s best friend Rydall hopes to be accepted as an apprentice smith. 
Arriving at the Cordale Complex, Rydall finds love but discovers a community oppressed by a terrifying band of renegades. 
Resolving to correct the injustices, he enlists the help of the complex’s apprentices.
They succeed in changing the situation, for the worse. Then Jaxaal, Sarina and a group of trainee Guardians arrive and a solution to the problem is attempted.

links:-    Sarina's Smith 1         Sarina's Smith 2

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Deadline for entries to the Betty Munnoch Award Poetry Competition-----Open Manuscripts.

Kate accepted over a dozen entries for the Poetry Competition. One member seemed to have difficulty getting his entry forms filled in correctly (again).  Results in a fortnight.

Hilary opened proceedings by reading out a ‘Best Wishes’ card from former full time member and Blog mistress Rosemary Gemmell who has relocated to West Lothian. Rosemary has rejoined as a Postal Member.

A small admin change means that an asterisk in the Readings column on the Attendance sheet, indicates a person needing help or advice on that particular story/poem/article.

Members appeared to be in favour of absorbing the “Member’s News” page of the website, into the main Blog on the Home page. Statistics show that the Blog page is accessed far more often than other Pages and few recent entries have been received for the Member’s News Page.

In ‘Open Manuscripts’ we were treated to Poems, Short Stories, two 1st Chapters of Books and a Three-Person Sketch. Two ‘old masters’ portraits had an argument and several poems gave us the blues, We laughed at bad grammar. Topics ranged through Presents and Puppies, Wardrobes and Shotguns to Betting and People Trafficking. One member apparently only travels Club Class.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bullying, History & Open Manuscripts. 26 Sep 2017.

It might not have been the greatest turnout of members, but the breadth of subjects covered, created very substantial debate.

On the exercise of teenage fiction and bullying (resulting from Cathy McSporran’s talk in March) everyone had an anecdote.

The poems or stories on History ranged from Anne Boleyn to Myths and Legends, Belgium Jews to a Cambridge Tour, Skara Brae to Table Tennis and then Genealogy plus DNA.

Topics for open manuscripts included ‘a poem that should never be said’ and ‘chocolate peppermint creams”. New member Diane Devlin read two of her poems which have been published on ezine (electronic magazine) called “I am not a silent poet.” https://iamnotasilentpoet.wordpress.com/tag/reuben-woolley

Postal member Billy Thompson (Alias Liam Paul) has sent greetings from South Korea, but is struggling to get access to our website. http://erskinewriters-uk.blogspot.co.uk

Joan Frondigoun warned us that she would appear on BBC Scottish TV tonight, basking in the reflected glory of her daughter.   Karen won a silver medal in the September Taekwondo World Championships in North Korea.

Recently returned member Jacklin Murray is looking for background material for her ongoing book. Does anyone out there have first hand experience of the day to day life of a Bookie or bookies runner in the 1990s?

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Last week at Erskine Writers we had a report on Bloody Scotland 2017 from Sandra McGruther (best known as the crime writer Alex Gray).

By all accounts it was a huge success with a number of innovations this year, including the torchlight procession from Stirling Castle. Ticket sales far exceeded last year’s and this crime festival is clearly going from strength the strength.

It is particularly pleasing to report on the success of a festival which started as an idea by one of our members and staunchest supporters. Having seen the way in which crime festivals in other countries were increasingly attracting large numbers of readers and writers, it seemed Scotland was being left behind in this very important area and in discussion with another popular crime writer, Lin Anderson, Sandra determined to remedy the situation.

 Working together, Sandra and Lin were able to progress the idea ( called Bloody Scotland at Sandra’s suggestion)and the first event was held in Stirling in 2012, with numbers attending far exceeding expectations.

Now, with a proven appetite in Scotland for this kind of event, Bloody Scotland has blazed a trail for many other such festivals across the country.
And all because Sandra had a good idea!

Myra Duffy