Syllabus 2017-8

2017-2018 Meetings at Bargarran Community Centre, Erskine Tuesdays 1.30-3.30 pm

12        WELCOME + Guide to the Year Ahead (Fees due)
Article – Green and Pleasant Place 1000 words
Open Manuscripts
19        Workshop – Poetry (Nalini Paul)
26        Poem or 500 words on HISTORY
+ Cathy McSporran Exercise (Young Adult)
            Open Manuscripts

3          DEADLINE – Poetry (max 2 entries), max 40 lines (BM*)
Open Manuscripts
10        Poem or 500 words on PARTNER IN CRIME
(Use contrasting characters/places)
Open Manuscripts
17        Workshop – General Short Story 2000 words
(Ann MacKinnon)
24        ANNUAL DINNER (3pm)
Poem or 500 words on LEST WE FORGET
(Erskine Hospital Centenary – Use Emotion)
Adjudication and Readings of Poetry
31        DEADLINE – General Short Story 2000 words (Quaich)
Poem or 500 words on MYTHS AND TALES (Use 5 senses)
Open Manuscripts

7 Nov  Open Manuscripts
14        Workshop – Article Structure (Jean Rafferty)
21        Adjudication and Readings of General Short Story
28        DEADLINE – Article on Current Affairs 1200 Words (EBH*)
Poem or 500 words on FIRST IMPRESSIONS
(Use 1st person, present tense)

5 Dec   Open Manuscripts
12        MINCE PIES (1pm)
Adjudication and Readings of Article

9  Jan   What’s in the Box?
Open Manuscripts
16        Flash Fiction – FESTIVE FUN (50 words +150 words)
Open Manuscripts
23        Poem or 500 words on A MAN’S A MAN (Show, don’t tell)
Open Manuscripts
30        Question and Answer Session
Open Manuscripts

6  Feb  Workshop – Titles/Endings/Blurbs (Sandra McGruther)
13        Poem or 500 words on FLOUR POWER
Open Manuscripts
20        Song Lyrics to be distributed – MUSIC TO MY EARS
Open Manuscripts
27        Workshop – Young Adult (Vikki Gemmell)

6  Mar 1000 words story from lyrics - MUSIC TO MY EARS
13        Finish the story (start provided)
            Open Manuscripts.
27        DEADLINE – 1st Chapter Young Adult Story (AH*)
Syllabus Suggestions

17 Apr Poem or 500 words on I HAVE A DREAM 
SAW Feedback + Open Manuscripts
24        Adjudication and Readings of Young Adult Story

1 May  Syllabus Approval  + Open Manuscripts
8          Workshop – Editing (Joan Fleming)
15        Poem or 500 words on TALK TO THE HAND
Open Manuscripts
For Sep 11 – 1000 words ACHILLES HEEL

(BM*)   Betty Munnoch Award
(EBH*) Erskine Bridge Hotel Cup
(AH*)   Albert Hammond Award.

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