Syllabus 2019-20

Erskine Writers Draft Syllabus  2019/2020                    Last updated 8 Jun 2019.                                         

Meetings at Bargarran Community Centre, Erskine Tuesdays 1.30-3.30 pm


Sep 10  WELCOME + Guide to the Year Ahead.     SAW Preview.                                     
             "Missing" 1000 words + OM   Subscriptions due

     17    Workshop   Article   1000-2000 words   EBH    Speaker TBA
    24      Personal Story. 750 words (An event or period of your life, suitable for a memoir) + OM
              Input to “Round Robin” members adjudication project. Max 2000 words.

Oct.1     Deadline – Article.  EBH     Bring 500 Words re ‘FALL’

      8      Deadline -  Children’s (under 7s) Short Story 750 words (AH) to be judged by Bishopton Primary.
              Adjudication and Readings from Round Robin project    + OM

    15      Bring Dear John letter 500 words. + OM                                                           
    22      Annual Dinner. Bring 500 words or poem ‘Moon Landing’ (50th Anniversary)   Venue TBA
   29       Adjudication and readings from Article competition. 
         EW to adjudicate Ayr flash fiction competition sometime in October.                                         
Nov.5    Deadline Women’s Short Story 1k -2k words. Quaich.
              Poetry Workshop - B Whittingham   (He will talk about his time as Makar)

     12     Internal Workshop - Where do you get your ideas?  - Pete Marrison + OM

     19     Deadline Poetry 40 lines.  Betty Munnoch Award.
              BringRound the next corner’ 500 Words + OM
     26     Adjudication (by Wick Writers) & readings of Women’s SS.-  Quaich
Dec 3     Workshop    Writing a letter to a newspaper    Ken Smith

      10      Mince pies at 1pm. Adjudication and readings of Poetry Competition

 Jan 7      OM.  Priority for SAW previews

     14       Workshop Alex Gray- Crime Short Story

     21       Workshop.  Rabbie Burns (Alternaive Lyrics)– Miller Frondigoun,,    

     28        Deadline Crime Short Story (max 2000 words)   Book Review. 500 Words.

Feb 4      Adjudication and readings of Crime Short Story.

     11      Select ten entries for Ayr to judge. 3-5 minute sketches TBA
     18      Spare
     25      500 words or poem - St Valentine’s Day    +  OM,   
 Mar 3     Sense of place.  500 words  or poem.  OR Workshop for GSS (poss Anne Stenhouse)TBA

      10     Internal workshop. Pick a random object- Create a story

      17      Deadline for General Short Story, Max 2500 words.  
               Annual General Meeting 

      24       SAW feedback and readings.

                          March 30 and April 7- No meetings

                          Apr 13th - Easter Monday -------------------------------------------------------------------
Apr 14      Adjudication and readings of General Short Story.

        21      Day Out. Gallery – Theatre etc.   TBA

        28      What did we do on our day out? 500 words   + OM
 May 5       Internal workshop. Build a story using all of the 5 words randomly picked on the day.   
                  Bring requests for next week’s stories.

       12       Favourites and requests. (Other member’s stories you wish to hear again)
                                      read again your own favourite story or poem.)

       19       Garden Party and Prize-giving  12-30pm

          For 8 Sep 2020 – 1000 words –    "The nights (or knights) are closing in”.                                                                

Spare Speaker  -         Victoria Williamson ?

Spare Subjects   -         Internal workshop,      Write with Humour.
                                     Food for thought

OM  Open manuscripts
TBC  To be confirmed   
AH Albert Hammond Trophy 
EBH Erskine Bridge Hotel Cup    
BM  Betty Munnoch Award

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