Friday, 11 November 2011

EW Dinner 2011

The Erskine Writers' dinner and awards took place on Tuesday afternoon and evening at the Ingleston Country Club and Equestrian Centre. A good time was had by all, as always.

Wilma Ferguson was awarded the President's Cup by Myra Duffy for her excellent help and support to the group.

The other three awards were as follows:

Poetry Trophy: Winner - Myra Duffy; 2nd - Myra Duffy; 3rd - Marjory Mackellar
Article Trophy: Winner - Joan Pretorius-Lougheed; 2nd - Myra Duffy; 3rd - Elizabeth Gillespie
Quaich for Children's Story: Winner - Myra Duffy; 2nd - Wilma Ferguson; 3rd - Rosemary Gemmell

Member of the group and local crime author, Alex Gray, elegantly awarded the prizes.

Photos by Joan Fleming

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Anonymous said...

Well done to all who won, all who entered and all who attended this great event.
Who ever said being a writer was a lonely life?