Monday, 1 October 2012

Playwrights Studio

Another interesting post from Cathie.

I went to the Playwrights Studio in Glasgow the other evening for the return of their Stage to Page sessions. Guest Director was Mary McCluskey of Scottish Youth Theatre. Mary had chosen 3 scenes from 11 submissions. The format is that a Director is assigned to the scene, and actors are cast on the night. The casting is actors submitting their names for roles they want to be considered for.

The 3 sessions were:

No Danger from the Cutlery - Written by: Cicely Gill - Directed by: David Goodall

Booner and Swan - Written By: Robyn Hunt - Directed by: Fiona Millar

Lace Up - Written by: Burnett and McCann - Directed by: Stewart Schiller

Each of the scenes from each of the plays were performed and discussed with the audience at a short Q & A session. If you are interested in writing, directing, or performance, go along to Stage to Page at CCA Glasgow. You will have the opportunity of seeing some new raw talent and how the combined work of Writer, Director and Actors works together to bring the scenes alive.

The next event is on Wednesday 10th October 2012 at 7pm admission £3.00 Find out more about Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival event.

Cathie Devitt

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