Thursday, 9 January 2014

Writing Articles with Judith Duffy

Members of Erskine Writers had an interesting and informative session on Tuesday from senior journalist for the Sunday Herald, Judith Duffy.

Judith kept us fully engaged as she explained the life of a busy journalist and the type of features she sources in her work, as well as the differences from being in the more immediate newsy environment of a weekly newspaper.

We then got to try writing the first few paragraphs of a newspaper-type article from a list of information about Edinburgh Zoo's Giant Pandas - harder than it seems!

Judith is the adjudicator of Erskine Writers' General Article Competition for members. Entries of up to 1000 words must be submitted to Kate Gordon by Tuesday 21st January 2014.


1 comment:

Joan Fleming said...

It was an excellent meeting - we were so fortunate to have Judith there giving us up-to-the-minute information. I'll be looking at my papers through different lenses from now on.