Sunday, 9 February 2014

Vettriano Workshop with Brian Whittingham

Kelvingrove Art Gallery by Rosemary Gemmell
Sometimes we stumble across a gem in writing workshops. While looking for information on the web, I discovered that Brian Whittingham was taking three workshops at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on 6th, 8th and 13th February.

Wilma and I attended the free session on Saturday 8th February from 10am to 12noon in a study area in the lower floor of the Galleries.
After a brief introduction to the Art Gallery, Brian set out to make us think about some of the Jack Vettriano paintings. We were given free tickets into the exhibition and allowed 30 minutes to look at as many, or as few, as time allowed.

I'd visited the exhibition in December so knew which paintings I wanted to study. Back in the room, we were told the tutor would suddenly clap his hands and we would have a couple of minutes to write down whatever was in our head at that time. Not as easy as it sounds!
We looked at paintings shown on the screen and discussed or wrote what our first impressions were. Of course there was a diversity of comments.

This was a very enjoyable workshop in which we were stimulated to really consider our thoughts about some of Vettriano's paintings, a man who was self-taught and whose work was not readily accepted by other artists. However, the number of people attending the exhibition is proof that the public appreciate the artist's work, and each of Brian Whittingham's workshops are fully booked.
If there was a downside to this session, it’s that it was not long enough!

Elizabeth Gillespie

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