Sunday, 21 September 2014

Myra's Flash Fiction Workshop

We had an excellent time at the writing group on Tuesday, when Myra Duffy led a workshop on writing flash fiction, that short but very creative form of writing. Anything from 50 words to 1000 words is allowed in different competitions and markets, and each word limit brings its own difficulties.

During the afternoon, Myra gave us a few exercises to complete which illustrated the importance of title and ending, while a few of the published examples she shared with us provoked much discussion and imagination. The whole session was informative, interesting and fun.

Entries of up to 250 words for our own in-house flash fiction competition should be submitted by Tuesday 7th October when they will be adjudicated by Myra for the Quaich. The SAW also has a competition for flash fiction up to 250 words which doesn't have to be submitted until January, so this is a good way to practise for that if planning to enter.

This Tuesday, we have an open manuscript day, or you can bring writing about the holidays for instance.


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Vikki said...

That sounds like a good session. Wish I could have been there