Saturday, 15 November 2014

Dinner and Awards 2014

A good time was had by all at our annual dinner and awards on Tuesday at the Equestrian Centre, Ingleston. The afternoon began with an enjoyable meeting when Myra Duffy gave her adjudication of the recent Flash Fiction Competition. Myra's comments on each story were very helpful to all and the winning entries were well received, as were the readings of the remaining entries. Excuse the strange lighting in one half of this room!

Results of Flash Fiction Competition (quaich to be presented next year)

1st         Victoria Gemmell
2nd        Elspeth Munro
3rd         Morag Moffat

At the end of the meeting, the 2013/14 awards were presented by President Elizabeth Gillespie as follows:

Betty Munnoch Award for Poetry

1st       Rosemary Gemmell
2nd      Morag Moffat
3rd =    Elspeth Munro                                        
3rd =    Linda Cope

Erskine Bridge Hotel Cup - General Article

1st      Wilma Ferguson
2nd     Joan Fleming
3rd      Elizabeth Gillespie

Quaich - Children's Story

1st       Myra Duffy
2nd      Morag Moffat
3rd       Kate Gordon

President's Cup - for service to Erskine Writers

Joan Fleming

Prize Winners
Morag presenting flowers to Elizabeth
The awards were followed by a lovely dinner where we had the chance to chat while eating and drinking. It is a very enjoyable social event on the writing group calendar and an excellent way to recognise the hard work that has gone into the weekly sessions, from the committee to the members.

Roll on next year!

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Joan Fleming said...

A most enjoyable evening!

Thank you for the arrangements to the committee, especially Morag. And thanks to Rosemary and Vikki for the photos.

Congratulations to all the winners!