Sunday, 1 February 2015

Drama Workshop

We had a bit of drama at the writers’ group last Tuesday. Not a physical incident, but a workshop on how we might tackle writing one.
The workshop was led by one of our members, Morag Moffat, who is a regular theatre goer and has attended several drama courses. She was also last year’s winner for her sketch, ‘Dress Rehearsal’, at the Scottish Association of Writers Conference.

We discussed the various dramas we had viewed recently, Broadchurch and Wolf Hall being popular TV programmes.

Morag explained that a play requires the same ingredients as any story, namely contrasting characters, some kind of conflict or problem and appropriate dialogue. Characters need to express differences by how they act and what they say. If it is a comedy, there has to be something very funny early on.

When looking at a book, the reader can turn back a couple of pages and re-read but in a play, your audience only sees and hears once. The set should show the time and place of the play though consideration needs to be taken of any expense involved. Lighting and sound also add to the performance.

The workshop was interactive, providing lots of chat and motivation to write a sketch.

Thank you, Morag, for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Wilma Ferguson


Myra Duffy said...

Thank you for providing this overview, Wilma.

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