Monday, 16 November 2015

Annual Dinner and Awards

Prize Winners
A great time was had by all at our annual dinner and awards at the local Ingliston Equestrian Centre. After an informal meeting where we read short prose and poetry on the theme of 'home and family', we enjoyed a lovely three course dinner followed by coffee.

It's a great excuse to spend time socialising with each other, which we don't get the chance to do at weekly meetings, and to reward the hard work throughout the year. It's always very encouraging to see newer members being awarded some of the prizes and hopefully it will inspire everyone even more. The roll-call of winners follows:

President's Cup     Kathleen Hammond

Erskine Bridge Cup - General Articles

1st       Morag Moffat
Morag receiving the Poetry Award

2nd      Wilma Ferguson
3rd       Elizabeth Gillespie

Quaich - Flash Fiction

1st       Vikki Gemmell
2nd      Elspeth Munro
3rd       Morag Moffat

Betty Munnoch Memorial Competition - Poetry

1st       Morag Moffat
2nd      Linda Cope
Victoria receiving quaich
3rd       Michelle Hurrell
H. Commended   Andrina Connell
Commended        Hilary Stevenson
                            Linda Cope
    Andrina Connell

Here are some of the photos I took at the event. President, Elizabeth Gillespie awarded some of the prizes and Vice-president, Hilary Stevenson, awarded the others. Excuse the layout but blogger has a mind of its own!


Elspeth receiving certificate
Kathleen receiving President's Cup
Hilary receiving certificate
Wilma receiving certificate

Andrina receiving two certificates

Elizabeth receiving certificate

Michelle receiving certificate

EW Writers 1
EW Writers 2


myraduffy said...

Great photos,Rosemary!

Joan Fleming said...

Congratulations to the winners and everyone placed or commended, and thanks for all the photos, Rosemary!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Myra and Joan!