Saturday, 26 March 2016

SAW Weekend Conference 2016

What a great weekend many of us experienced at the lovely Westerwood Hotel near Cumbernauld when we attended the Scottish Association of Writers annual weekend conference. It's full-on, with workshops, seminars, after-dinner speaker and lots of chatting and eating. We even had candelabra on each table at the Saturday Gala Dinner!

This year, members of Erskine Writers were again amongst the prize-winners, so congratulations to all.

Constable (Novel)                                 1st    Bill Daly
                                                             2nd  Myra Duffy

Janetta Bowie (non-fiction book)        3rd  Rosemary Gemmell

Barbara Hammond (SP)                      HC  Myra Duffy

General Short Story                             HC  Victoria Gemmell

Castles in the Air                                 2nd Morag Moffat

Under 7s                                              3rd  Rosemary Gemmell

Largs Shield  (sketch)                         HC  Morag Moffat

Dragon's Pen (Novel pitch)                 Bob Hambleton


Hilary, Bob, Bill
Sandra, Joan, Cathie 
Victoria, Rosemary, Myra 

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Joan Fleming said...

Congratulations to everyone who was successful in the competitions! Well done!