Wednesday, 10 January 2018

What's in the box. 9 Jan 2018.

Thirteen members attended the first session of the group in 2018.

Hilary reminded us about the fast approaching deadline of 20th January for submission for the 2018 Scottish Association of Writers Conference.
There was more discussion about writing outlets. Websites ,, womag and bringbackfictiontowomansmagazines were mentioned.

“Womag” no longer appears to exist on the internet and “Bring Back Fiction in Women's Magazines” seems to be a group on Facebook. 

Senga’s entry to the Geoffrey Archer 100 word story competition did not win. Instead, Senga read us the winning entry and two of the runners- up.

This week’s theme was “What's in of the box”, which was an exercise in descriptive writing. Hilary provided a lucky dip bag of small objects. Each of us had to pick one and then describe it without naming or showing it. The remainder of the group had to guess the name of item.

Some of the objects were more obscure than others. They included an allen key, shoe horn, metal spirit measure, pill box, radiator valve key, hip flask and, most difficult of all, an obscure mechanical closer for pull top can lids. 

By then, there was only sufficient time for two items to be read out. These were Hilary and Pete’s entries from the December 2017 Feature Article competition. They covered Waste and Statistics respectively.

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kleverkitty said...

Good fun activity organised by Hilary!