Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Review of SAW Conference – 27 Feb 2018.

All who had attended had enjoyed an extremely interesting and well run Conference.

Hilary, Jacklin and Joan Fl agreed that problems of sticking to timetables and timing of workshops at the 2017 Conference had been overcome and therefore this year’s conference ran much more smoothly.

The “Dragon’s Pen” event continued to be popular, but could perhaps be scheduled earlier.

A more comprehensive description of some of the workshops might have been helpful.

The performances of the winning 3 – 5 minute Sketches were debated, but no firm conclusions reached.

Myra had spoken to a representative of  the “People’s Friend” and drew people’s attention to the fact that the guidelines for submissions to magazine had changed and widened. See the ‘Guidelines at
Elizabeth, Diana, Pete and Hilary gave readings of their SAW Competition Entries:-

Elizabeth – General Article. "Sunshine Island".
A travelogue of an exotic holiday in Jamaica. It was made more interesting by been shown the island by a relative who lived there.

Diana – Poetry   “Aberdeen” (previously entitled “Chased”)
A disturbing story of a girl escaping from people trafficking. She realises that she is likely to be re-caught in the granite city.

Pete – General Short Story  “Don’t outshine the Bride”.
A tale of improvisation. A boy dressed up for a wedding, falls into a drum of dirty oil and is re-clothed by his father. His new outfit becomes the star attraction at the wedding.

Hilary – Woman’s Short Story   “No Man’s an Island”.
An older lady’s only friend Alison, is in hospital and whilst collecting clothes from her friend’s flat, the lady realises how different they are. Unintentionally, but happily, she also collects some of Alison’s friends.


Next meeting  17th Apr:-  Poem or 500 words on 'I HAVE A DREAM'.

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