Wednesday, 18 April 2018

“I had a dream” - 17 April 2018.

This topic naturally inspired stories and poems of dreams of different writer’s views of the ideal world, of dreams that came true and others that did not.

We looked for a utopian world free of pain and strife, a litter free country, springtime without rain, a life uncontrolled by electronics and a mind hovering between dreams and nightmares.

Off the main theme of dreams were two very diverse pieces; the culinary masterpiece of baked beans and an introduction to volunteer tutoring. The latter was not easy to pitch in terms of format, length and content for the ‘average’ potential volunteer.

The group had previously decided to improve the amount of suggestions, critique and discussion provided for each of the writings.

This worked well. It obviously took more time but most appeared to think it was worthwhile. Like everything else it needs practice.

We did not all agree on our comments about any particular piece, but that’s life; we are all different and often have diverse opinions.

It was agreed that, where used, the extra element of humour had worked well.

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