Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Approval of Syllabus for 2018/19.

Each item of the draft syllabus for next season was discussed and approved.

The only significant change from the draft was to include a Sci Fi / Fantasy Workshop to be given by Billy Thomson on 20th November. Several speakers have still to be arranged or confirmed.

The venue for the Annual Dinner is confirmed as being the Ingliston Country Club on October 23rd

In the half hour remaining there were four readings.

Kathleen told us a story from her school days when two young girls were told by their teacher to go and wash their mouths out with soap and water for swearing. And they did, with yellow soap.

Pete described some of the changes in the male/female divide over the past centuries and fantasised about what could happen next.

Diana looked for comments on an extract from her novel-in-the making about people trafficking. Diana left with plenty of food for thought.

Similarly Jill (visitor) read of a reluctant mother and disappointed wife of a Scottish laird, trying to rid herself of both problems simultaneously. Again plenty of feedback was forthcoming.


Myra warned anyone intending to attend the Bute Noir festival on the first weekend in August, should book well in advance. A major event relating to the speedboat 'Bluebird' is also happening that weekend on the island.

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