Wednesday, 22 September 2010

First Speaker of New Session

The new session of Erskine Writers began on Tuesday 14th September when we welcomed a few new faces and caught up with members' writing over the summer break.

Yesterday, 21st September, we had a fascinating visit from writer John Steele. An experienced article writer with work in most of the Scottish magazines, John also writes non-fiction books. He soon had us enthralled by the story of how he came to write his current 'sensitive' book.

John left us with two lasting lessons for writing non-fiction. His catch phrase is: 'Not many people know that' - and he illustrated how this applies to finding ideas that editors will want to publish.

The other lesson was curiosity and tenacity. When John started out on his major non-fiction work, it was sparked by a conversation between two elderly women. And his curiosity was peaked. He asked questions, he researched, but it was his dogged tenacity that eventually brought him the answers.

John has kindly agreed to judge an article competition for us. It should have a Scottish theme and be no more than 1000 words. Deadline is strictly Tuesday, 12th October.


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