Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hello Everyone,

Today we had a most interesting session on Text Processing by Wilma Ferguson. There were lots of questions, even from those who have a good working knowledge of the vagaries of a computer. Wilma produced an excellent booklet for us: I have a couple of spare copies if anyone is interested.

There were a number of business items, the most important of which are detailed below.

1. The Albert Hammond Award
Further to our earlier discussions and my e-mail about our meeting on 20th September the following decisions were made:

> This year the age category should be S1-S3. In future years we can alter this - next year it may be the upper school for example. If we try to include the whole range of ages we would have to split the competition and have two awards which would be difficult.
> The theme of the competition (for us as well as for the children) will be ‘The Seasons’- one season or all seasons - and open to a wide interpretation. Kathleen agreed this would accord well with the kind of poetry Albert liked.
> Each poem should have a maximum of 20 lines. As the age group of the children is fairly young, it was agreed this length would be more appropriate.
> All submissions must be made by the end of January 2011.
> The launch of the anthology will be in May 2011.

As the grant has now been received from the Council, I will set up a meeting with the Education Officer responsible for literacy.

2. The Dinner at Ingliston Country Club: 9th November 2010
All payments for the dinner must be made to Hector by 12th October so that arrangements can be finalised. If you have indicated you wish to attend, please ensure you make your payment by the due date.

This year’s theme (in keeping with the venue) will be ‘Equestrian’. Please bring along something to read (it need not be original) of approximately five minutes’ duration.

Please note that all subscriptions to Erskine Writers were due in September so I should be grateful if you could arrange to pay Hector as soon as possible and certainly by the end of October. If you intend to go to the S.A.W you will remember you must be a member of a writers’ group.

4. There has been a request that we consider changing the date of our Christmas Party at Bargarran from the 14th December to the 7th December. This would then be our last meeting of the year.
We will make a decision next week but if you are unable to attend that meeting and/or would like to contact me about this, please do so.

5. The Article competition closes next Tuesday 12th October. The article should be 1000 words on a Scottish theme and the cost per entry is, as usual, £1.

Please ensure that if you cannot attend the meeting your entry (hard copy) is with Joan Fleming by the close of business on the 12th. Late entries cannot be accepted.

Please feel free to comment or add suggestions on any of the above.
Best wishes,

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