Monday, 15 October 2012

Prepare to Meet thy Makar…

Liz Lochhead was the guest speaker at the CCA Glasgow recently. The theme was “work in progress” for theatre. Liz was her usual colourful self, arriving half an hour late as she had the wrong start time in her diary. (She was spotted shopping in Primark earlier so we knew she was in the vicinity). She soon launched into a fantastic couple of hours sharing tips/readings/experiences and all round good banter.

The audience were invited to ask questions, and they did. Liz’s responses were informative and honest. She is a brilliant performer whether poetry or drama. Liz did share the fact that a poem she wrote for Scottish Book Trust was too personal for her to read in public. You can read the poem on the Scottish Book Trust website.

With her first collection of poetry being published over 40 years ago, Liz has never lost her passion for writing but did share some of the hurdles she had to overcome to keep going. On her journey Liz has worked with the fab and the famous but never lost the down-to earth humour and observational skills that make her work unique.

The event was organised by the Scottish Writers Centre. Entry prices are a bargain at £3 for SWC members and £6 non-members. Join SWC for £15 - £10 concessions. Find out more about their events programme on SWC website.

Links: Liz Lochhead - read about her favourite place here.

Cathie Devitt


Myra Duffy said...

I'm sorry I missed that -it sounds really good.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It does sound very interesting, Cathie!