Thursday, 25 October 2012

Article Adjudication and Visit From Silvie Taylor

EW member Wilma Ferguson has written this excellent overview of Article Competition adjudicator, Silvie Taylor’s entertaining visit to the group on Tuesday.

Morag, Wilma
Rosemary, Silvie, Joan

“Writers are born, not made.”

Our visiting adjudicator, Silvie Taylor, concurred with this view, explaining that whilst basic grammar and composition can be taught, she believes an inherent talent exists in successful writers.

She also commented on that other famous adage, “Write about what you know.” Laughing, she told us that what she had most knowledge about was herself and continued to entertain us with a short autobiography on what led her to writing. Her talk was interjected with tales in her native Doric dialect. Her father was a photographer with DC Thomson in Dundee and Silvie showed us black and white photographs of herself as a tiny tot, modelling clothes for the knitting patterns for People’s Friend.

She went to elocution lessons which subsequently led to participation in speech and drama, writing monologues for performance. Silvie now adjudicates in this field all over the world and is shortly to make her 17th visit to Hong Kong. Those who have attended the Scottish Association of Writers Conference will recognise her as a former President from 2006-2008. A renowned writer, she continues to have articles, fiction and poetry published in a variety of magazines.

Thirteen entries were presented for the Article Competition, the content ranging from travel in Acapulco, Canada and South Africa to Dementia, Porgs and Scottish Country Dancing.

Silvie commented on the high quality of the writing. She read out an in-depth critique for each one, emphasising the positive. Helpful comments included making the vocabulary suit the piece, invoking emotion, making every word count and ensuring absolute pristine presentation for a publisher.

I’m sure all who attended left, as I did, with renewed enthusiasm for our craft. Thank you Silvie Taylor.

Wilma Ferguson

Results of Article Competition 2012

1st:  Rosemary Gemmell
2nd: Wilma Ferguson
3rd:  Joan Pretorius-Lougheed
Commended:  Morag Moffat
Commended:  Joyce Somerville

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Thanks for a great summing up, Wilma!