Friday, 29 March 2013

SAW Weekend Conference 2013

Once again, Erskine Writers did themselves proud at the annual Scottish Association of Writers Weekend Conference. It was snowy and freezing over much of the country but most people managed to get through to the Erskine Hotel. Unfortunately, a heating problem meant it was equally cold inside the hotel for some of the weekend and it's the first conference where attendees sat in their coats and scarves for the adjudications!

View from bedroom window

However, a few industrial and bedroom heaters later, we began to thaw out and concentrate on the enjoyable speakers, judges' reports and reading of winning entries. As always, the warmth of fellow writers and plenty of food, chat and laughter ensured a great weekend, no matter the conditions.

Winners Marjory and Andrina

The impressive list of Erskine Writers' winners and mentions are as follows:

Marjory MacKellar
Winner of the General Article

Andrina Connell
Winner of the Poetry
Commended in Woman's Short Story

Victoria Gemmell
Second in the Constable General Novel
Commended in Flash Fiction

Rosemary Gemmell
Second in the Pitlochry Crime Novel

Bill Daly
Third in Constable General Novel
Third in Pitlochry Crime Novel
Highly Commended in Humorous Article

Jenny Harper
Commended in Constable General Novel

Morag Moffat
Second in the Flash Fiction
Third in Humorous Article

Jenny, Vikki, Sandra, Joan

Final Lunch

Congratulations to one and all! Erskine Writers are on holiday now until Tuesday, 16th April.

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Joan Fleming said...

Congratulations to all the award winners - flying the flag for Erskine Writers.