Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bloody Scotland 2015

Erskine Writers began the new session on Tuesday 8th September where we had a look through the interesting new syllabus and looked forward to all the events coming up. Time to get into writing gear again!

September was also time for the Bloody Scotland event in Stirling and Joan Fleming shares her experience of the weekend below.

Bloody Scotland 2015

Having attended – and enjoyed – Bloody Scotland last year, I once again spent the weekend of 11-13 September in Stirling, where the 2015 Crime Festival was held. I had the company of two other members of Erskine Writers, Myra (Duffy) and Bill (Daly). We caught fleeting glimpses of Alanna (Knight) and Sandra (Alex Gray), members of the original small group who set up the Festival – now in its fourth year.

On the Friday, there was a whole-day crime writing masterclass, featuring Denise Mina, Allan Guthrie and Alexandra Sokoloff.

The programme of events offered sessions with famous crime writers appearing at the venues to share their writing experience in rooms filled, mainly, with readers and writers of crime fiction, but also people living in and around the city of Stirling.

Once again we were spoiled for choice. This year, I attended sessions where I heard, among others:

Val McDermid
Peter May
Ian Rankin
Alexandra Sokoloff
Allan Guthrie
Alex Gray
Chris Brookmyre
Arne Dahl.

These are all well-known names in crime fiction. There were also less famous writers, some of whom will no doubt be featured on the programme in years to come.

For the novice crime writers, there was an opportunity to pitch their books to publishers and an agent, and this year some d├ębut authors were showcased at the start of some of the big events.

At the Scottish Crime Book of the Year Gala Dinner, last year’s winner, Peter May presented the award to Craig Russell for his book The Ghosts of Altona.

There is so much more to say about this Festival of crime writing – all the details can be found on the website  Why not take a look?

Joan Fleming

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Sounds bloody marvellous Joan. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Sounds bloody marvellous Joan. Thank you for sharing.