Monday, 22 August 2016

RIP Hector Campbell

Members of Erskine Writers were very sad to learn of the death of our well-loved member and valued treasurer, Hector Campbell, during the summer. He will leave a huge gap in our meetings and we will greatly miss his friendly face, wise words and gentle humour.

Some of us attended the funeral service and celebration of his life the other week where the family assured us how much Hector loved coming along to the group. Sandra McGruther wrote this very apt poem which she read at the service and it sums up the sentiments of our writing group.

 To Hector, our treasurer, our Treasure

You never wrote that memoir
Though it’s what you meant to do
Yet in reading us some stories
Your life came shining through.

We were never in the red at all
As you kept the books intact.
Our treasure of a treasurer
Was admired by all, in fact.

That ready smile, that friendly voice
Will always linger on.
For Hector, though you’ve left us
In our hearts you’re never gone.


myraduffy said...

Thank you for that lovely tribute, Rosemary and it's so good to be able to read Sandra's touching poem.

Cathie said...

Hector's humour was brilliant, the group will miss his tales of days gone by. So sad to hear of his passing. Cathie