Tuesday, 28 November 2017

500 Words or Poem – First Impressions. 28Nov17.

Eight members submitted 1200 word features/articles to Kate on current affairs; for the Erskine Bridge Hotel Cup. To be judged by Jean Rafferty. (Results in two weeks time).

Hilary reminded attendees about the ‘Mince Pies’ meeting at 1pm 12th December. Indications needed for next week of ‘who is contributing what.’
This week’s topic was “First Impressions.”

Diana’s short, unfinished poem ‘Gatherers’ sparked off a welter of comments and suggestions.

Senga’s hundred word Jeffery Archer story, did everything but reach the competition organisers.

Pete tried to wind a story around childhood barbs regarding people’s faces.

Joan Fr.’s free verse told us the story of a happily poignant moment in her life.

Morag wrote of a ‘not so welcoming’ first visit to a writing group.

Kate’s piece showed a real lack of appreciation for unreal cooking programmes.

Hilary told us of her and her friends’ fascination for ducks. It later became a metaphor for folly.

Joyce gave us an article on how we are often deceived by first impressions.


Joan Fr. and Pete read their (also ran) pieces from the 2000 word General Short Story competition.

To show his contrition at not producing a story to match the day’s topic, Donnie gave us a totally unbelievable (but true) story of two battling clients from his former professional life.

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