Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Open Manuscripts, 5th Dec 17

Morag, Diana and Elizabeth were each looking for feedback on improvements they had made to previous writings. Elizabeth took control of a discussion on suitable outlets for writer’s work. Some magazines were still soliciting stories from past contributors whilst several companies did not welcome contributions from previously unpublished authors.

The website was mentioned for helping to find outlets and tracking the progress of work already submitted. There were differing views on the topic having stories published without payment as a means of getting your foot in the door of being an author.

Kate and Joyce respectively, set us reminiscing over grocery shopping of yesteryear and world events and personalities of the sixties.

Morag and particularly Joan Fr. seemed to be having trouble with underwear, but for different reasons.

Pete read a couple of his stories from a “For sale, Baby Shoes, never worn” anthology whilst Senga schemed to get exactly the Christmas present she wanted.

Hilary reminded us that it was “Mince pies at one” next week. As well as bringing edible goodies, each member to bring just one Christmas card, personalised with a few lines of verse or prose. There would then be a lucky dip for each to pick a card.

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