Thursday, 14 December 2017

Mince pies at one o'clock.

For the last session of 2017, we had fifteen members for the adjudication, by Jean Rafferty, of the Feature Competition, followed by the mince pie event.

Jean had provided a generous amount of general comment on the work which had been submitted plus general and detail comment on each individual item. Clearly she had put in a considerable amount of time and effort. Unfortunately, Jean was less than enthusiastic about our potential as cutting edge, feature writing journalists. 

The two which stood out from the rest were Kate’s Tunnel Vision about MRI scans and Claustrophobia and Wilma’s work on Autism awareness and PDA (pathological demand avoidance).

Kate and Wilma read out each of their features, but who gets to take home the EBH cup?


Sandra told us of an invitation she had recently received to an inaugural writing event in Rotorua NZ.


The “mince pies” escalated into meringues, mini rolls, chocolates, fruit, shrimps, biscuits, cheese, crackers and crackers with groan-aloud jokes and hats, sausage and many other imaginative finger foods.

These were consumed whilst attempting to complete Wilma’s far-too-difficult Christmas general knowledge quiz. The clear winning pair was Sandra and Joan R. 

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