Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Questions and Answers.

This was an open forum Q&A session.

The first question was “Who wishes to volunteer for the ‘shortly to become vacant’ positions of President and Vice President of the Scottish Association of Writers SAW.

In spite of Jacklin explaining the roles and work involved, no one appeared to take up the challenge.


How far can you go in precisely describing a place? e.g. a town, village or community. 

The restrictions are much less than describing people. A town is unlikely to sue you for deformation especially if your observations are accurate. A change of name is an obvious option.


What type of literature is ‘trending’ and what are the current available outlets?

A consensus appeared to agree that children’s and young adult’s fiction has a healthy market as do audible books.

Many of the usual outlets are still available, but may keep varying their acceptance rules.

The key is to work the internet and be persistent in submitting material widely. Do not wait months for an acceptance or rejection before submitting elsewhere.

This led to a suggestion for next season’s syllabus of having a professional talk to us on the subject of “Buying Trends”.


The possibility of using the Erskine Writer’s blog as an easy outlet for member’s work was discussed.

It was agreed to do a trial run by creating a separate ‘Page’ for member’s short stories or poems. Myra volunteered to submit the first piece. A blog will announce when this is due to start.


Hilary noted a couple more suggestions for the next syllabus and encouraged further ideas.


Kathleen read the start of a piece from her memoirs describing the place she was born in the twenties and the preparation and hard work needed for the now comparatively easy household chore of “wash day”.

Elizabeth read out her 1200 word entry to the December 2017 Feature Competition. The subject was the history of the Glasgow Western Infirmary. Elizabeth also bravely entertained us with the adjudicator’s constructive comments.

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