Wednesday, 6 February 2019

5 Feb 2019. Open Manuscripts

Jack continued to look for comments and suggestions on his ‘Sci Fi’ story of a man resuscitated many years after he had been drowned.

He explored the relationships, good and bad, with his now much older family and how the story might come full circle.

He was also looking for ways to present a potentially novel sized story in an abbreviated form.

Pete led us to believe we were hearing banter between a young couple discussing their wedding rehearsal. We then found it was not quite the type of rehearsal we were expecting.

Kate gave us two poems.

The first was of a voyage of exploration through the contents of a handbag in order to retrieve one item from amongst a host of long forgotten ‘treasures’.

The second explored the possible benefits of common sense versus a university degree when bringing up a family of children.
Hilary’s short story was about reluctant car boot sale browser who was persuaded to purchase a cardboard box full of keepsakes including a brooch which she immediately pinned to her coat.

Later that day the distraught previous owner recognised the brooch. The cardboard box and contents were returned and both ladies happy with the explanation and the outcome.

Wilma read another chapter from her proposed book on the history of Blawarthill Parish Church.

This section concentrated on the Church Choir. As well as being a religious choir, the group also performed concerts which led to social life outwith the church.

It allowed them to temporarily escape from everyday chores. Wilma detailed the ‘dressing up’ for the concerts, the travel logistics and the setting up of the sound equipment at the venues.

Joyce worried over the modern meaning of the word ‘celebrity.’ Previously one had to do something outstanding to become a celebrity. It now appears that via the media a person can become famous for being famous.

Just who are the participants of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.”?


Next week:- Workshop.  Short Stories for Magazines.  Ajay Close.

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