Friday, 7 November 2008

Screenwriting and Writing Opportunities

Screenwriting and Writing Opportunities

EW member Linda McIvor thought some of you might be interesting in these great screenwriting resources

Hi to any budding screenwriters. Just a wee note to say, if you fancy giving it a try here are the name of two books that will get you well on your way.

Teach yourself – SCREENWRITING by Ray Frensham.

. Have you an idea for that script to end all scripts?
. Want to break into screenwriting but are not sure how it works?
. Do you need practical advice to improve your screenwriting skills?

SCREENWRITING shares with you Ray Fresham’s extensive knowledge of this demanding but exciting industry. It takes you through the processes involved in transforming your ideas into a format that will really work on screen and shows you how to present your finished work to its best advantage. Everything that you need to know can be found between these covers.

(Extract from Adrian’s Book)

“This stuff works – but only if you use it!

Keep this book next to your computer at all times and apply liberally when stricken by bouts of frustration.
This isn’t a book about how to write. It’s a manual that explains how to get a job and build a career as a writer. It’s meant to be an easy read but don’t be fooled by the non- academic tone. Everything in here works. Read it through once, then go back and check out the links and publications I recommend. All of them are useful.

I changed careers from bouncer and hairdresser to professional screenwriter and director. I did it despite having no formal training or contacts in the industry. I now have a career that excites, challenges and constantly inspires me.

It happened because I planned it.
This book will give you the tools and the info to do the same.”

I really enjoyed both books and found them to be invaluable. MAKING IT AS A SCREENWRITER by Adrian Mead can be purchased at . All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Childline.




This mail came through on the EW email and might be of interest

"First Edition Magazine is a new monthly glossy solely dedicated to publishing works by new writers and authors. We require talented authors who want to see their work in print.

From complete novels and short stories to poems, plays and scripts, First Edition offers a selection of the very best unpublished material. We are looking for writers to submit their work for possible inclusion in our magazine. Aside from the opportunity of having their work published, we are also offering cash prizes and awards, both monthly and annually.

If you, any of your group or your students, are interested in submitting, please find attached an information sheet, submissions guidelines and submissions form. Alternatively you can visit: for more information.

We would be very grateful if you would put the word around! The magazine will be on the shelves in time for the Christmas and New Year ‘rush’.

This magazine will be available in all major high street shops and via mail order from

At 100+ pages and just £3 per issue, First Edition will be the essential source for untapped creative writing talent.

Yours sincerely,

The First Edition Team

First Edition Publishing
PO Box 7110, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 9ER

Happy Writing


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Anonymous said...

Oh I do say: many many thanks for giving my book a hearty 'plug' - I just came across this.

Yet another new/updated/expanded etc etc version planned for 2010.

Ray Frensham