Monday, 23 March 2009

Congratulations! Well done to all!

Les, Karen and Alex celebrating Karen's Pitlochry win

Erskine Writers have proved they are a fine bunch of wordsmiths judging from the successes at the recent Scottish Association of Writers Conference.

SAW Successes 2009 in order of adjudication:

Castles in the Air Moira McPartlin Commended
Marc Sherland 1st
Humorous Article Joan Fleming 2nd
Unpublished Authors Wilma Ferguson Commended
Drama Cathie Devitt 3rd
Children’s Story Wilma Ferguson 3rd
Woman’s Short Story Rosemary Gemmell Commended
Andrina Connell 2nd
Poetry Sarah Reynolds* Highly Commended
Moira McPartlin 3rd
Pitlochry (crime novel) Sarah Reynolds* 1st
Constable (general novel) Moira McPartlin 2nd

*aka Karen

And they know how to celebrate in style too.

Joan, Rosemary and Gillian Philips time travelling

Cathie and Marc love-in the results

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